As human beings, we are wired to desire goodness, to hold on to what is good. Our very existence is good because God created us and said that it was good.

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Three Keys To Prayer

Prayer is both a gift of grace and a determined response on our part.

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Divine Mercy in Motion Video

Enjoy, engage and participate with us!

My name is Dr. Anne Borik and I am a medical doctor practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a great devotion to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and would love to share with you my personal prayer ministry and story of the Divine Mercy in Motion.

I take care of many, many sick patients everyday who are suffering from cancer, strokes, heart disease, Parkinson's, etc. When a family member had a stroke 11 years ago, it affected their ability to speak and so I developed a very simple, yet prayer-filled program that enabled them to pray in motion that ultimately helped recover quicker from the stroke. By using SLOW sign gestures to pray the words with music and movement, the prayer comes alive in motion. It is a VERY POWERFUL way to pray that opens one fully to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Since sign gesture is universal...It is one way of bringing people from ALL around the world to pray in unison the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

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